Fostering resilience, insight, and faith
for LDS women and their loved ones.

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The Story of Sixteen Stones

If you ever got stuck alone in a dark place as a child, you’ve probably never forgotten the feelings of worry and loneliness. As adults many of us relate to such feelings. Maybe we are in the dark about how to forgive. Or trapped in a dark limbo between what we dreamed of and what we have. We can get stuck in relationships, work, illnesses, sins, and in yearning prayers that are not answered. We might feel in the dark about our mission and purpose. We can get trapped in outworn patterns that no longer resonate with our hearts.

There is an ancient story of a man who was asked by God to take his family and loved ones on a long journey – a journey into the dark unknown. The man was willing to leave his home and willing to build vessels to travel across the vast, deep ocean, but he was very reluctant to make the trip without light.

Neither fire nor windows were suitable for such a crossing. So not knowing what else to do, the man patiently mined sixteen stones, white and clear, from the dense rock around him. He carried the sixteen stones to the top of a sacred mountain. There he asked God to touch the stones to make them shine. God touched the stones with light, and then showed the man a great vision of his family, unfolding through all its generations. And the man was at peace.

Thus the man and his loved ones made their journey across the raging seas under the blessing of God’s light, arriving at last at the Land of Promises.

As we take our journey, we also find ourselves at times in the dark. Before God can give us light, we must mine from the dense rock of our hidden wisdom and inner resources – however inadequate of themselves – something for God to touch.

Sixteen Stones seminar-retreats draw on current research and gospel principles to help you break out of stuck places, imagine new possibilities, and find your sixteen stones. We are a group of licensed mental health professionals dedicated to helping LDS women and their loved ones develop resilience, insight, and faith for their personal journeys. We unite our professional training and experience with a gospel perspective to create a safe and respectful environment for personal discovery and growth.

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And thus the Lord caused stones to shine in darkness, to give light unto men, women, and children, that they might not cross the great waters in darkness.

Ether 6:3